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L&W Dive Compressors

L&W German Made Compressors

Diving with L and W Dive Compressors

Brownie's Dive Compressors stocks, sells, installs, services and supports L&W Compressors. Whether a compressor for a large dive room, an engine room install, dive locker or yacht tender, Brownie's Dive Compressors has the right L&W compressor for your installation.


Brownie's Dive Compressors is a dealer for L&W Compressors which are new to the North American market but have been sold in Europe for over 20 years. LW Compressors can be compared to other leading German compressor builders with ease.

Brownie's Dive Compressors has the L&W compressors, support and services you need for more diving fun. Contact Us for more L&W compressor info today!


L&W Dive Compressor
L&W Dive Compressor